Sexual Compulsives Anonymous

SCA literature can be ordered through the page at

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous: A Program of Recovery (“The Little Blue Book” of SCA)
El Librito Azul: El Programa de SCA (“The Little Blue Book” of SCA, 1st edition in Spanish)

Moving Through Withdrawal
Avoiding Common Pitfalls on the Road of Recovery
How to Start an SCA Meeting (also appears as a chapter in “The Little Blue Book”)
Q&A: A Guide for Newcomers to Sexual Compulsives Anonymous
Secret Shame: Sexual Compulsion in the Lives of Gay Men and Lesbians (also appears as a chapter in “The Little Blue Book”)
For the Newcomer
“Four Fold”
“Four Fold” (in Spanish)
The Tool of Writing

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Starter Kit
Public Service Radio Announcement Kit (CD)

The SCAnner Newsletter
The Best of The SCAnner

International Meeting List

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous:

S.L.A.A. literature can be ordered through the Fellowship Wide Services (F.W.S.) website, at, or you can download an order form.

S.L.A.A. Basic Text (book)
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Sexual Recovery Anonymous:

To obtain the following SRA literature please visit the SRA website,, or email your request to

SRA “Big Book”

SRA Pamphlet
To the Helping Professional
Tools of the Program
Early Sobriety and Withdrawal
Step Pamphlets
Suggested Meeting Format
Suggested Business Format
SRA Pamphlet (Spanish)
SRA Pamphlet (German)


COSA literature can be ordered from the COSA store at

Bookets & Pamphlets
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